Meet Victor E. Bot!

Victor E. Bot is ֱState University's newest communication tool! Victor E. Bot, powered by EdSights, is a text bot that provides students with a way to ask questions and address any challenges you may face as a student, 24/7. Victor E. Bot also uses both a proactive approach to identify and offer support to students who are facing difficulties, whether it's in or out of the classroom.

Victor E. Bot can connect students with PSU resources and information regarding:

  • Academics (Tutors, Academic Coaches, Academic Advisors)
  • Financial Matters (Student Financial Services, Payment Plans, Food and Housing Insecurity)
  • Student Life, Activities, and Community (Clubs, Resource Centers, Events)
  • Mental and Physical Health, and Overall Wellbeing (SHAC, Campus Recreation, Resident Assistants)
  • And so much more!

Any information you provide to the Text Bot can be used by ֱState University to help you succeed in school and by EdSights as permitted by its .

How do I talk to Victor E. Bot?

At launch and at the beginning of each subsequent term, Victor E. Bot will send an initial introductory text message to every PSU undergraduate student. Once you receive that first text, we recommend adding Victor E. Bot to your contacts so you recognize it as a trusted number and you can ask questions at any time! You can view a demonstration video and browse our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) using the buttons below. 

If you do not want to interact with the Text Bot, you can choose to not respond or can opt-out of receiving future texts by replying either STOP or #pause.

Starting in Winter term 2024, all students will be able to interact with Victor E. Bot through the PSU website.

Where did Victor E. Bot's name come from?

Victor E. Bot is based on PSU's mascot, Victor E. Viking! Shay Snyder, a Transfer Advisor with the Transfer and Returning Student Resource Center, is the creative mind behind Victor E. Bot's name!  

Fun Fact: Victor E. Viking's name is rooted in PSU's history,  and he was named in the 1940s when PSU was Vanport College. Go Viks! 

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